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BAV Language Arts

Academic Vocabulary

almanac a reference book of data, list,and numbers (has yearly records and statistics)
analyze to separate or break apart; to study the pieces and how they fit together
appendix a section of additional related material at the end of a book or writing
audience a group of people gathered to hear and see something
contrast to tell how things are different
genre a particular kind, class, or style of literature; type of story/book
hyperbole figure of speech that uses exagggeration for effect
evaluate to give a grade; what do you think of it?
compare to tell how things are alike
character's motive reason that cuases a person to do something or act a certain way (behavior, says, does)
myth story used to explain nature or religion using heroes or supernatural beings (gods/goddesses)
legend story passed down from past generations (unlikely true; may explain how things came to be)
research to investigate or study something carefully (inquire or learn and discover new information)
author's purpose why the author wrote the piece of literature (to entertain, persuade, or entertain)
simile to compare two things by using the words like or as
metaphor to compare two things by making one thing into another (does not use the word like or as)
preface author introduces the main ideas of the book (placed before the main section of the book)
possessive noun peron, place, or thing that shows ownership
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