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Marano- Galaxies, Sa

Marano- Galaxies, Satellites

galaxy large group of stars
galaxies classified by shape
elliptical galaxy oval-shaped galaxy with very bright centers and all old stars
spiral galaxy flat disk shape with arms spiraling out of the center
Milky Way our galaxy, part of local group
irregular galaxy no pattern or shape
Andromeda nearest galaxy, our twin galaxy
satellite natural or artificial bodies that revolve around larger bodies
two planets that do not have moons Mercury and Venus
Luna our moon
Describe Luna's atmosphere no atmosphere
Luna's rotation and revolution rotation- 27 days, 8 hours
Moon phases result from moon's position compared to Earth and Sun
What part of the moon do we see? the part of the moon that reflects the sun's light
Describe crescent moon small sliver
Describe gibbous moon almost full
Waxing means lighting up
Waning means getting darker, going away
What direction does the moon revolve around the Earth? counter clockwise
How does the new Moon look? we see no moon
How does the waxing crescent look? we see a sliver
How does the waxing gibbous moon look? appears almost full
How does the waning gibbous moon look? getting darker, almost full
How does the waning crescent look? getting darker, sliver
Created by: seagullq