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Passing of NRG

Photosynthesis, Food chains/webs, Symbiotic relationships

#1.What is photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is the process in which a plant takes in carbon dioxide, water, and energy from the sunlight, it makes glucose, nutrients, and energy for it self and releases water and gases such as oxygen.
#2. What is aerobic respiration? Aerobic respiration is almost a reversed process of photosynthesis that mainly uses oxygen.
#3.What is the difference between abiotic factor and biotic factor? *Abiotic factors are the non living matters in an environment eg.(Rocks, Air, Sun) *Biotic factors are all the living organisms in an environment all of those which exchange gases and reproduce.
#4.In what part of a leaf does photosynthesis take place in? In the mesophyll where chloroplasts are, the chloroplasts are the part of a plant where they take in the sun's energy and light.
#5.What makes a plant look green? The pigment in a plant called chlorophyll it reflects the green light from the sun light it receives.
#6.What are the three major parts of symbiotic relationships? #1.Mutualism #2.Commencialism #3.Parasitism
#7.Give a description of each major parts in symbiotic relationships. *Mutualism is a relationship in which 2 organisms benefit. *Parasite. when 1 organism is a host in this relationship the host is usually harmed and the other organism is benefited. *Commencial. is when 1 organism is benefited and the other is not affect
#8.Through which parts of a plant does water flow through? The xylem and the phloem. *The xylem is the part in which water is taken up from the roots. *The phloem is the part which distributes the sugar molecules and nutrients from the water throughout the plant.
#9.What are the different parts of a food chain? the primary producer,primary consumer, secondary consumer, third level consumer, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposer, autotrophs, heterothrophs.
#10.What does an arrow mean in a food chain? An arrow in food chain means is consumed by.
#11.What are the different features between a food chain and a food web? In a food chain organisms are eaten by other individual organisms each organism depends on Another a food web shows that each organism can be eaten by many other organisms.
#12.What are the levels in an environment an animal lives in? #1.Biosphere #2.Biome #3.Ecosystem #4.Community #5.Population #6.Organism
Created by: s1100230