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My Vocabulary--Verbs

Southmoore Latin2

Venio Venire Veni Venturus To come
Cogo Cogere Coegi Coactus To drive together
Fugio Fugere Fugi Fugiturus To flee
Nosco Noscere Novi Notus To learn
Peto Petere Petivi Petitus To seek
Sentio Sentire Sensi Sensus To feel
Opprimo Opprimere Oppressi Opressus To overcome
Cado Cadere Cecidi Casurus To fall
Ludo Ludere Lusi Lusus To play
Curro Currere Cucurri Cursurus To run
Expello Expellere Expuli Expulsus To drive out
Ostendo Ostendere Ostendi Ostentus To show
Accido Accidere Accidi ------ To cut into
Efficio Efficere Effeci Effectus To cause
Moneo Monere Monui Monitus To warn
Adduco Adducere Adduxi Adductus To influence
Procedo Procedere Processi Processurus To go forward
Constito Constitere Constitui Constitutus To determine
Excipio Excipere Excepi Exceptus To recieve
Doleo Dolere Dolui Doliturus To grieve
Contemno Contemnere Contempsi Contemptus To despise
Redeo Redire Redii Rediturus To go back
Quaero Quarere Quaesivi Quaesitus To inquire/seek
Attingo Attingere Attigi Attactus To touch
Exprimo Exprimere Expressi Expressus To express
Created by: KCM