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5th Context Clues

Context Clues Quiz - Mammoth: World's Greatest Cave

Its been the home of a hospital for TUBERCULOSIS patients. TUBERCULOSIS means? a disease that affects the lungs
In the mid-1800s, a visitor described Kentucky's Mammoth Cave as "nothing but darkness, silence, and IMMENSITY." IMMENSITY means? greatness in size
Parts of this underground LABYRINTH were discovered by Indians about 4,000 years ago.LABYRINITH means? maze
By the time of the War of 1812, the property had changed HANDS several times. HANDS means? owners
Human mummies, early tools, and bits of clothing have been found in the cave. All were well PRESERVED. PRESERVED means? kept from decomposing
In 1812, a RICH supply of saltpeter was found near the cave's opening. RICH means? wealthy
SALTPETER was used in making matches, gunpowder, and explosives. SALTPETER means? a chemical compound - potassium nitrate
Business was soon THRIVING for the cave owners. Everyone needed saltpeter to make matches, gunpowder, and explosives. THRIVING means? prospering
Black slaves worked for the mines in Mammoth Cave during the war. Some of them VENTURED into the unknown places in the mine. VENTURED means? proceeded in the face of danger
Some slaves ventured into the eerie CHANNELS beyond the mines. CHANNELS mean? passageways
Bishop was the cave's first sight-seeing guide. He was famous for his DARING explorations of the mine. DARING means? bold
Bishop and two slave guides who SUCCEEDED him discovered many of the cave's secrets. They found underground lakes and rivers. SUCCEEDED means? came after another person
Blind crayfish and shrimp GROPE their way to food. These creatures' sensitive bodies make up for their sense of sight. GROPED means? to feel about blindly for something
The still-changing passages in Mammoth Cave are now on five different levels. They EXTEND as deep as several hundred feet. EXTEND means? to stretch forth
A variety of breathtaking tours are available for visitors - from one-and-a-half hour tour for the disabled to the six-hour Wild Cave tour for the HARDY. HARDY means? vigorous; in good shape physically
Some slaves ventured into EERIE channels beyond the mines to explore. EERIE means? mysterious and scary
Created by: mrjohnston506