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Emergency MR

McGraw-Hill Emergency Medical Responder 2nd Edition Ch.22

Any substance taken into the body that interferes with normal body function Poison
Overdose An intentional or unintentional overmedication or ingestion of a toxic substance
Signs, symptoms, and characteristics that often occur together in toxic exposures Toxidrome
Substance misuse The self-administration of a substance for unintended purposes, or for appropriate purposes but in improper amounts or doses, or without a prescription for the person receiving the medication
Exposure to a substance that is harmful in any dosage Poisoning
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome A series of signs and symptoms that occur 6 to 48 hours after a chronic alcoholic reduces his or her intake or stops consuming alcohol
Requiring progressively doses of a drug to achieve the desired effect Tolerance
Addiction A psychological and physical dependence on a substance that has gone beyond voluntary control
Household and commercial products that can be abused by intentionally breathing the product's gas or vapors for its mind-altering effects Inhalants
Toxin A poisonous substance
The deliberate, persistent, and excessive self-administration of a substance in a way that is not medically or socially approved Substance abuse
Antidote A substance that neutralizes a poison
Signs and symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal that have progressed beyond the usual symptoms of withdrawal and are potentially fatal Delirium tremens
Poison control center A medical facility that provides free telephone advice to the public and medical proffessionals about exposure to poisonous substances
A condition that can occur when a person sniffs highly concentrated amounts of the chemicals in solvents or aerosol sprays Sudden sniffing death syndrome
Withdrawal The condition produced when an individual stops using or abusing a drug to which he or she is physically or psychologically addicted
Examples of medical conditions that signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse or abuse can mimic Diabetic emergency, head injury, epilepsy, drug reaction, or CNS infection
Signs or symptoms that you should anticipate in a patient experiencing an opioid (narcotic) exposure Altered mental status, coma, slow or absent breathing, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, or constricted pupils
Barbiturates prescribed to relieve anxiety, promote sleep, control seizures, and relax muscles
Prescribed drugs used to relieve moderate to severe pain, control diarrhea, and suppress cough Narcotics
Benzodiazepines Prescribed medications used to control anxiety and stress, aid sleep, and relax muscles
Poisons that can be injected Bee, wasp, and ant venom, Spider, tick, and scorpion venom, Snake venom, Drugs
weakness, dizziness, chills, fever, abnormal heart rate or rhythm, nausea, and vomiting Signs and symptoms of injected poisons
Poisons that can be absorbed Toxins from plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Cocaine, and Chemical warfare agents
History of exposure, liquid or powder on patient's skin, burns, itching, irritation, and redness Signs and symptoms of absorbed piosons
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