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kyle As vocab

all animal science vocab

stomach provides food storage
esophagus transports food form mouth to stomach
pepsinogen enzyme precursor secreted by the chief cell in the stomach activated to pepsin in the stomach
hydrochloric acid H I C a normal part of gastric juice in cat and dogs
pepsin protein degrading enzyme that is actuated from pepsin in the stomach the Principal digestive component of gastric juice
mucus complex gel like substance secreted by specific cell or mucous glands acts as a protective
mucosa lining inner layer of the intestinal tracy
small intestine maxes ingested food with bile and digestive enzymes (sucrose saltine isothermal and peptides) of the brush absorbs nutrients is a less acidic environment then the stomach of optimal enzyme activity
bile a clear yellow orange or green fluid produced by the liver concentrated and stored in the gallbladder and released into the small intestine as needed for digestion and absorption of fat help break
brush borer area on the free surface of an epithelial cell that is covered with micro villus finger like projections that increase the cell exposed surface area to maximize in terminal abortion
amino acids the basic building blacks of protein any of several organic compounds
Created by: kyle elliott