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India and Neighbor

India and Neighbors v

caste system A system in which people’s position in society is determined by their birth into a particular group
green revolution a program (,begun by the Indian government in the 1960s,) that encouraged farmed to modernize their methods to produce more food
cyclones Violent storms with high winds and heavy rain
storm surges Huge wages of water that are whipped up by fierce winds, (particularly from cyclones, hurricanes, and other tropical storms)
atolls Rings of coral surrounding lagoons
martial law Military rule
command economy An economy in which the government owns most of the industries and make most of the economic decisions
gers Large, circular tents that are easy to raise, dismantle, and move; used by nomadic herders in Mongolia
tsunamis Huge waves created by undersea tectonic activity, (such as earthquakes)
demilitarized zone A buffer zone that serves as a barrier separating two countries (such as North and South Korea)
Created by: orscholl