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Geo terms 2

Terms part 2

HanHui ''way"ZhuangDaiMiaomongoltibetan
Largest ethinc group in China 91% of Chinese are han 1.2 billion (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Largest ethnic group in entire world 19% of people on earth are han (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Named in honor of Han Dy nasty one of the most remarkable periods in earths history in terms on cultural accomplishments and power (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Wide diversity of cultural linguistic group amoung Han (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
They are proud of ethnicity and some assume that all Chinese are han. This has been the basis of discrimination and ethinic tension. (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) 10 million Hui one of top five ethnic minorities in China (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) physically and linguistically identical to Han (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) basis of identification as a minority ethinic group is that they are muslim (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) Since 1949 governement is officially atheistic and attempt have been mad to suppress the Hui (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) 18 million- largest ethnic minority in China (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) related to Dai thus to Thai (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) mostly animist not buddhist as most Thai are (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) came under control of Han 2000 years ago (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) strongly resisted han domination seeking to control their own area (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) 1958 gove made them autonomous state (self government) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank) 1.2 million in China called Hmoung in Us (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank) closely related to Thai and speak similar language "Miao" is rarely used outside of China and some Hmoug feel it is derogatory used extensively inside China (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank) Been in China thousands of years are buddhist 5th largest ethnic minority in China 7.5 million (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) exsist as ethnic island within Zhuang territory (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) Amoung most common Chinese ethnic minorities in the Us currently 300,000 Hmoung in Us primarily in Wisconsin, California and Minnesota (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) Orginates in what is now known as mongolia About 6 million
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) about 6million in China live in southwest china on Tibetan plateau
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) Atleast 6 ethnic groups classified together as mongol linked together by common language Traditionally pastoralism primarily animal is Yak
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) Only 1 of 2 Chinese ethnic minorities to rule China and established Yuan Dynasty in 1260 Stongly buddhist, formally independent state
(blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) Hans were uncomfortable with being ruled by mongols and revolted and established Hans rule in 1368 china invaded in 1950, Tibetan revolted and since then 1.2 million have been killed
Created by: wiestab