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Stack #57203

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 7

amō (1) love
amor, amōris, M. love
annus, -ī, M. year
Asia, -ae, F. Asia
auctor, -ōris, M. producer, founder, author
cīvis, cīvis, -ium, M. or F. citizen
cōnficiō, -ere, -fēcī, -fectus complete
ego, meī (pron.) I
fīnis, fīnis, -ium, M. end, boundary, limit
genus, generis, N. descent, origin, race, sort
hic, haec, hoc this, the latter
hōra, -ae, F. hour, season
hostis, hostis, -ium, M. enemy, public enemy
ille, illa, illud that, the former
inveniō, -īre, -vēnī, -ventus come upon, discover, find
is, ea, id this, that; he, she, it
locus, -ī, M. place, spot
meus, -a, -um my, mine, my own
mors, mortis, -ium, F. death
noster, nostra, nostrum our, ours, our own
ōdī, ōdisse (deferctive verb lacking in the present system; perfect forms have present meanings) hate
opus, operis, N. work
opus est (+ nom. or abl. [instrumental] of thing needed; less frequently + gen.) there is need of
perficiō, -ere, -fēcī, -fectus accomplish, complete, finish
pēs, pedis, M. foot
placeō, -ēre, placuī, placitus be pleasing to, please (+ dat.)
premō, -ere, pressī, pressus press, press upon, press hard
opprimō, -ere, -pressī, -pressus press upon, overwhelm, suppress, oppress
quī, quae, quod (rel. pron.) who, which, that
quī, quae, quod (interrogative adj.) which, what
quīnque (indeclinable adj.) five
quis, quid (interrogative pron.) who, what
salūs, -ūtis, F. health, safety
salūtem dīcere say hello, greet
spērō (1) hope (for)
--, suī (reflexive pron.) himself, herself, itself, themselves
suus, -a, -um his own, her own, its own, their own
tempus, -oris, N. time, period, season
tū, tuī (pron.) you
tuus, -a, -um your, yours, your own (sing.)
vester, vestra, vestrum your, yours, your own (pl.)
vōx, vōcis, F. voice
Created by: alcarohtare