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gbhs-chapter 20-trade connections

What is chapter 20 about? Trade connections
What are linkages? Linkages occur whenever places are connected by the movement of people, goods or information
What is global economy? global economy is the growing trend towards lower trade barriers and increasing economic links between countries
What is imported fuel? fuel that comes in to Canada from another country.
What is exported fuel? fuel that is sent to another country from Canada
Goods from another country are called? Imports
Goods we send to another country are called? Exports
What is the international trade to the Canadian economy? The international trade is the lifeblood of the Canadian economy.
what resources are Cabada rich in? Canada is rich in mineral, forest and agriculture resources
what are the 2 types of exports? mining exports and wheat exports
what is the imporatnce of trade? in our everyday world, trading activities occur all around us. Trade shows cater to collectors hoping to trade their surplus items for thosethat will fill the gaps in their collections
what is the economy of scale? it is the lower cost per unit that results from mass production of a product
Created by: David Stubbard