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GBHS-Chapter 20 - tradwe connections

what is chapter 20 about trade connections
What are Linkages Linkanges occur when evr two places are connected by the movement of people, goods or, information
Global Economy the linkages between canada and the rest of the world
What is imported fuel fuel that come into canada that come from a different contry
What is exported fuel fuel sent from canada to another contry
Goods from another contry are called imports
Goods we sent to another contry are called exports exports
What is Canadas coal exports in 1993. 31 629 000 tones
What is a quotas ? A limit on the monitary value of products entering the contry.
UNder free trade policy there are no ___or ____. tariffs or quotas,.
What are trading blocs ? Groups of contries that share special trading links and privileges amoung them selves.
What is the value ,in millions , of Canadian imports? 202 020.
what is the value of Canadas exports in millions? 228 540.
What percent of minerals produced in Canada are exported? 80%
Created by: skanes