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read 0305 chapter 7

vocabulary reading 0305-s01 chapter 7

Intricate -(in'tri-kit) adjective Having many parts arranged in a complicated way;complex.
Suffice -(se-fis') verb To be good enough.
Degenerate -(di-jen'er-at) verb To worsen; deteriorate.
Sanctuary -(sangk' choo-er'e) noun a place of safety, protection, or relief.
Intercede -(in'ter-sed) verb To make a requestor plead on behalf of someone else.
Vulnerable -(vul'ne-e-bel) adjective Open to damage or attack; susceptible.
Implausible -(im-plo'ze-bel) adjective Difficult to believe; unlikely .
Sinister -((sin'is-ter) adjective Evil; wicked.
Scrutiny -(skroot' en-e) noun Close inspection; careful examination.
Incoherent -(in'ko-hir'ent) verb Unable to speak in an orderly, logical way.
Mr. Freedman's family was called to the nursing home when the old man's condition began to ________________. degenerate
As __________ as it may sound, southern Florida sometimes does get snow. implausible
If Mitch doesn't get some sleep soon, he'll become completely__________. incoherent
When the principal said Harry couldn't play in Friday's football game, the coach __________ hoping to change the principal's mind. intercede
War and Peace is a long, __________novel that weaves together the detailed life stories of many individuals. intricate
Old, unsued trains in Grand Central Station serve as a nighttime __________for some New york City's homeless. sanctuary
Store security guards give careful__________ to people carrying large bags, since the bags may be used for shoplifting scrutiny
In the movie, a mad scientist thought up the __________scheme of releasing a deadly sinister
I forgot to buy something for lunch tomorrow, but the leftover meatloaf will __________. suffice
Homes in heavily wooded areas are especially __________to termites. vulnerable
Created by: inyectlady
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