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CADD-1 Lesson 7

UNIT 20, 21, & 27 - Text and Dimensioning Skills

Term or CommandDescription
DTEXT command Creates Single Line Text ( Each line is an entity)
MTEXT command Create multiline text (Each paragraph is an entity)
DDEDIT command Text editor - revises text on an existing drawing.
%%C Draws a Diameter symbol when typing text.
%%D Draws a Degree symbol when typing text.
%%P Draws a Tolerance symbol when typing text.
%%U Underlines text when typing text.
Capital Letters What all text should be typed with.
CL Centerline
DIA Diameter
mm Millimeters
TOL Tolerance
CHAM Chamfer
NOM Nominal
AL Aluminum
DEG Degree
IN Inches
REF Reference
R Radius
CRS Cold Rolled Steel
TYP Typical
OD Outside Diameter
ID Inside Diameter
NTS Not to scale
Linear Dimension Straight Line dimension
Dimension Line Shows where a measurement begins and ends.
Aligned System All dimension text & notes are in line with the dimension line and read from right to left.
Unidirectional System All Dimension text is horizontal and read from the bottom of the sheet.
Dimensions Another name for size description.
Three Basics kinds of Dimensions Overall, Location, and Size Dimensions
Extension Lines Thin lines that extend the lines or edges of a view.
Leaders Thin lines drawn from a note or dimension with an arrow pointing to the place where it applies.
Associative Dimension Updates dimension text when you modify the dimensioned object.
Angular Dimension genrates a dimension arc to show the angle between two non-parallel lines.
Diameter dimensions the diameter. (Use for full circles)
Radius Dimensions a circle or arc (Use primararily for Fillets)
Baseline allows you to continue from the first extension line of the previous dimension
Continuous allows you to continue from the second extension line of the previous dimension
Center Draws the center mark or line of an arc or circle.
TEDIT command allows you to move the text of an associative dimension.
UPDATE changes the associative dimension to reflect the current variables, styles, text font, units, and/or precision.
CBORE Counterbore
MAX Maximum
CSK Countersink
BEV Bevel
MATL Material
Reference point The point at which a linear dimension begins.
Dual Dimensions Customary Units and Metric Equivalent shown in the same dimension.
Created by: tmurphy
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