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Lab values altered


Urine tests WBC's present with infection & inflammation
total bilirubin increase with hemolytic & pernicious anemia, eclampsia
White blood cells WBC increase with infection, inflammation, stress, tssue necrosis
White blood cells decrease with viral infections ,chemo, radiation,NSAID's
Albumin increased with multimyeloma
Albumin decreased with loss of plasma from burns and malnutrition
urine test casts usually indicates renal/kidney damage ,infection or presence of kidney stones
amylase increase in acute pancreatitis, mumps,carcinoma, of the pancreas
amylase decrease with chronic pancreatitis,cirrhosis of the liver, acute alcoholism
urine test glucose increase with diabetes or stress
Activated Partial thromboplastin time 20-45 SEC (APTT OR ATT) Need to monitor f no heparin
Sodium NA 135- 145 increase with hemoconcentration nephritis
Sodium NA 135-145 decrease with Addison disease, myxedema
Chloride 95-105 increase with nephritis, urinary obstruction anemia
Chloride 95-105 decrease with diabetes, burns and vomiting
urine tests ketones diabetes with elevated blood glucose levels
Creatnine phosphoKinase (CPK or CK) Male 50-325 Females 50-250 Increase with MI, IM injections, delirium tremors
urine tests RBC's present with kidney stones, infection, inflammation
INR, International normalizing ratio need to monitor if on coumadin,when it is higher
urine tests protein increase with renal/kidney damage, dehydration,strenous exercise,fever
Lactic dehydrogenase 100- 225
urine tests bilirubin positive with liver disorders
platelet count 200,000 - 300,000 increase with chronic granulocytic anemia
platelet count 200,000 - 300,000 decrease with thrombocytopenia, purpura, during chemotherapy
lipoprotein total plasma cholesterol desired < 200 borderline 200 - 239 high 240
Creatinine increase with nephritis and chronic renal disease
Hematocrit HCT increase with dehydration hemoconcentration r/t shock
Hematocrit HCT decrease wth anemias+ pregnancy,blood loss
partial thromboplastin time, PTT ,PT need to monitor if on coumadin, when it will be higher
Cholesterol Increase with dabetes,lipemia,jaundice
Cholesterol decrease with pernicious anemia, infections, hyperthyroidism
Carcinoembryonic antigen increas wth cancer of colon, rectum, pancreas and stomach
Erythrocite sedmentation rate, ESR, sed rate Males 0-9 females 0-20 increase with tisue destruction, pregnancy
Blood urea nitrogen BUN increase with dehydration
Blood urea nitrogen BUN decrease wth fluid excess, pregnancy
Magnesium MG increase with the ingestion of epsom salt
Magnesium MG decrease with chronic alcoholism,severe renal disease
low density lipoproteins LDL desired 130 borderline 130 - 159 high 160
lactc dehydrogenase Increase with untreated anemia, MI, pulmonary infarction,liver disease
CA Calcium increase with tumor or hyperplasia of parathyroid,multiplemyeloma
CA Calcium decrease with diarrhea, malnutrition
Hemoglobin Hgb males 13-16 females 12-14 increase with polycythemia, COPD, O2 loss because of CHF , live in altitudes
Hemoglobin Hgb males 13-16 females 12-14 decrease with anemias excess fluid, hemmorhage
High density lipoprotein HDL cholesterol desired >35
Glucose- fasting 60-110 2hrs post prandial 65-140 increase with diabetes,nepritis,infections,pregnancy,uremia
Glucose- fasting 60-110 2hrs post prandial 65-140 decrease with vomiting Addisons disease,hepatic damage
creatinine clearance 100-150 of blood cleared of creatinine/mn decrease with kidney disease
potassium K+ 3.5-5.0 increase with Addison disease,oliguria,anuria,hemolysis
potassium K+ 3.5-5.0 decrease with diarrhea,vomiting
leukocyte count 5,000-10,000 increase with acute infectiion,acute leukemia, surgery, trauma
leukocyte count 5,000-10,000 decreasew with aplastic anemia, toxic agents, chemotherapy
prealbumin < 10 severe malnutrtion 10-17 moderate malnutrtion > 17 no risk for malnutrtion short half life so more respnsive indicator of malnutrtion than albumin
prostate specific antigen increase with age in response to prostate cancer or prostate hypertrophy
total protein 6.0-8.0 increase with hemoconcentration shock
total protein 6.0-8.0 decrease with malnutrtion,hemmorhage,plasma loss from burns
Red blood cells RBC 4.2-5.4 increase with hypoxia,dehydration,polycythema
Red blood cells RBC 4.2-5.4 decrease with recent bleeding,kidney problems,illness
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