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How many planets are there? Eight
What is an orbit? a path
How long does a revolution around the sun take?(for earth) 365 and 1/4 days
Where is the Astroid Belt? Between Mars and Jupiter
What does the sun do for our solar system? it's gravity holds the planets in their orbits
Why are the inner planets different from the outter planets the inner planets are small and rocky, but the outer planets are gasious giants.
What does gasious mean? full of gas
How many stars are in our solar system? one (the sun)
The sun takes what percentage of the mass of our solar system? 99%
What is a crater? a bowl shaped area that is on the surface of a planet or moon
What does Earth's moon's surface have?? no liquid water,no living things and more craters then Earth
What's a moon? Any smaller object that revolves around a planet
Which planet is the biggest? Jupiter
Which planet would you weigh most on? Earth
Is orbit a noun or a verb? noun
What is the a galaxy made up of? 200-500 billion stars,planets,gas,and dust
What is the sun constantly doing? It's hydrogen and heliaum are reacting
Is our star the biggest star? No,it is a mediam sized star
How are stars diffrent? In brightness,size,and color
Who was Nicolaus Copernicus? the first person to suggest we move around the sun
What discovery did Galileo make? he discovered 4 of Jupeter's moons
Which planet(s) or moon(s)have humans walked on? Earth and the moon
What are the diffrent types of spacecrafts? space shuttles, satellites, space stations,and rovers
What are aerospace scientist? scientist who design space crafts
What is one AU? the measureing distance between the earth and the sun
How is magnitude measured? brightness,distance from earth and, temperature
A meteroid,a meteor,and a meteorite are very cloely related, name them in order from being in space to hitting the ground meteroid,meteor,and meteorite
What are stars made up of, and what does it mean? Nebula, means cloud of of gas and dust
How many moons do Venus and Mercury have? zero
Created by: syp103