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Latin Quotes A-C

Quotes A-C for 6 week test

Parat, Ditat, Durat "It prepares, it enriches, it endures." -Collegiates motto
Annuit Coeptis "He approves of our undertakings." -divine support for peoples plans (money)
Novus Ordo Seclorus "A new order of ages." -the start of a novel world order (money)
E Pluribus Unum "Out of more, one." -a blend of many elements (money)
Anno Domini (A.D) "In the year of the (Christain) Lord." -used with dates
Sic Semper Tyrannis "Thus always to tyrants" -Virginia's state motto
Semper Paratus "Always prepared." -motto of United States Coast Guard
Labor Omnia Vincit "Work conquers all." -Oklahoma's state motto
Semper Fidelis "Always faithful." -motto of the United States Marine Corps
Ad Nauseam "To seasickness." -to the point of disgust
Alibi "In another place." -elsewhere at a givin time
Alter ego "Another I." -a perfect subsitute
Ante bellum "Before the war." -refers to American Civil War
Ante meridiem (A.M) "Before mid-day."
Post meridiem (P.M) "After mid-day."
Bona fide "In good faith." -genuine
Sub poena "Under penalty." -legal document summoning a person to court
Ad hoc "To this." -something established for one purpose only
Ad hominem "To the man." -personal attack
Ad infinitum (ad inf.) "To infinity." -without limit or boundary
Ad libitum (ad lib.) "To will." -without preperation
Alumnas/alumna "Foster child." -graduate of a school
Circa (ca., c.) "Around/approximately." -usually used with dates
Cogito ergo sum "I think, there I am." -Rene Descartes quote: ability to reason central to "humanity"
Confer(cf.) "Compare." -showing relationships among items
Credo "I believe." -set of personal beliefs
Cui bono "To whom for a good." -for whose benefit
Veni, Vidi, Vici "I come, I saw, I conquered." -quote by Julius Caesar following the battle of Zela (August 2 47 BC)
Sub rosa "Under the rose." -secretly
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