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Japan Vocabulary

Cultivation A way to make crops by making terraces and plowing and things.
terrace sort of steps made on the side of a mountain to help you plant food and crops.
feudalism A system of government where the powerful people swear loyalty where one person gives land in turn for protection.
Shogun The person who is basically in control of everybody else and gives land to the damyo who give land to the samarai in return the shogun gets protection.
Samurai Basically the army who fights other samurai for land and control
archipelago a group of islands
isolation to be closed off or separated from others
Mathew C. Perry The guy who led the fleets that went over to Japan and opened them up for trade
embargo To stop the trade of somthing in this case oil steel and metal to japan.
expansion To make the area of land you own bigger and larger.
kamikaze Suicide plane drivers who drive into ships wearing heavy explosives killing lots of people
tokyo The capital city of Japan
Hiroshima/ Nagasaki The city's that got the atomic bombs dropped on them.
Yen The system of money overseas
Mt. Fuji The highest mountain in japan
emperor The most powerful person in japan but he really didn't have power the shoguns do.
bay a broad inlet of sea
over crowding too many people in one place at a certain time
pollution the contaminating of earth by humans.
Missionary People who go to other countries to teach people about god.
Bushido the code of honor where it goes emperor shogun daimyo samurai peasants
Haiko a poem using syllables
origami the ancient art of paper folding
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