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NR Drug Actions

NR and MD protocol drug actions

Activated Charcoal Absorbent
Adensosine Antiarrythmic, naturally occuring nucleoside
Albuterol Beta 2 Agonist, bronchodilator
Aminophylline Diuretic, vasodialator, cardiac stimmulant, bronchodialator
Amiodarone Blocks both A and B ardrenergic receptors negative inotrope
Aspirin platlet aggregator
Atropine Parasympathelitic, blocks acetylcholine receptors
Calcium Chloride Calcium supplement, increased myocardial force, electrolyte
Captopril Inhibits ACE preventing converison of Angio I to Angio II
Dexamethazone Corticosteroid, decreases inflamation
Digoxin Antidysrythmic, strengthens myocardial contraction
Dextrose 50%, 25%, 10 Caloric
Diazepam Anxiolytic, suppresses spread of seizures
Diltiazem Calcium channel blocker
Diphenhydramine Antihistimine, blocks H1 and H2 receptors
Dobutamine Adrenergic, stimulates hearts B1 receptors to increase myocardial contract. and stroke
Dopamine Alpha and beta adrenergic receptor stimulator, dopaminergice receptor stimulator
Epinephrine Both alpha and beta adrenergic agonist activity, more profound b effect
Furosemide Potent loop diuretic that inhibits potent sodium and chloride reabsorbtion
Glucagon Hormone/Antihypoglycemic, used for Beta blocker OD
Haldol Antipsychotic/blocks postsynaptic dopamine receptors
Insulin Anti diabetic
Ipatropium Bromide Anticholinergic, parasympathetic
Lidocaine 2% Antiarrythmic, depresses depolarization and automaticity in the ventricles
Magnesium Sulfate Anticonvulsant, prevent or control seizures in preeclampsia or eclampsia
Mannitol Diuretic, elevates plasma osmolality increasing fluid flow into extra cellular fluid
Metaprolol Beta blocker, decreases HR
Methylprednisalone Corticosteroid, Anit Inflammatory, synthetic steroid
Midazolam Anxiolytic, depresses CNS, suppresses seizures
Morphine Narcotic Analgesic, acts on opiate receptors in the brain
Naloxene Opioid analgesic, CNS depressant, increases periphial venous capactiy
Nitroglycerine smooth muscle relaxant
Oxytocin Oxytocic, hormone that causes severs potent sitmulation of uterine and mammary gland smooth muscle
Pralidoxime Reactivate cholinesterase, antidote
Procainamide Antiarryhthmic, decreases excitability, conductin velocity and automaticity
Sodium Bicarbonate Alkalizing Agent, buffer
Succinylcholine Neuromuscular blocker
Terbutaline Sympathamimetic, relaxes B2 smooth muscle and uterine contractions
Thiamine Vitamin B1
Vasopressin Vasoconstrictor, same effect as Epi
Vecuronium Neuro muscular blocker
Verapamil Antianginal, narrows QRS complex, calcium channel blocker
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