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Beginner Grammar

Comprehensive list of Korean grammar

Or ~ Or something ~ Approximately
어/아 보다 Try to do
지 않아요 (Subject) don’t, didn’t
Vst + 지 마세요 Command : “Don’t ~ !
Vst + 지? Vst+지요? Vst+죠? Isn’t ~~? Right? (statement also)
V + 잖아(요) Exclamation to someone
N + 이 아니다 Is not, are not (not to be)
Vst + 면서 While this…. this. Simultaneous events.
자마자 As soon as
N+(이) 라니 You mean ….
V + ㄹ 줄 알다 Capability : Can do ~ (verb)
(거의) 거의 다 Almost, Almost 100%
Vstc +있다 It (does the verb), some condition exists
(으로) 부터 From, Since, Starting Time (origination)
Vst + 나(요) Do you ~~ ?
V+(으)면 좋겠어요 I wish
Also (too)
Vst + 고 “and” between verbs and sentences
한테서 From: for animals and people
만큼 As much ~ many as (more sentences)
Vst + 고 싶다 To want to do ~
그때 When
Vst + (으)ㄹ게(요) I’ll do (verb) for you
V + 아, 어 버리다 All of something, Completely
(으)ㄴ(는) 체하다 To pretend to do ~
그래도 Nevertheless, even though
그러니까 Therefore
그런데 But (contrast), Change topic or more detail
그래서 So it follows that
그러나 However
그러면 If that’s the case then…
그리고 And (between equal things or sentences) 032. Vst + 지 못해요 (홨다)
충분 하다 (한, 히…verb) To be sufficient, enough
(내)너, (재)개, 누구, 나 ,너,그,그녀(의) Possesive Pronouns
V + 아 어 여 Simple Present Tense Conjugation
과- 와 With (formal)
너, 당신, 너희, ~ YOU Second-person personal pronouns
N + 에서 From (in,at) , where something takes place
V+ 아/어 놓다 To do (put) an action for future need
부터 ~ 까지 From ~ Until or Up to
ㅂ(습)니다 This is the polite terminative ending for verbs
ㅂ니까 Formal interrogative sentence ending (questioning)
품사 Parts of speech
V+ 기 어려워 (어렵다 ) Difficult to do
Vst + (으)면 If
아 ~ 어서 , 해서 Because of this, this
Vst + (으)니까 Because but when suggesting physical origin/reason
VST + (은)는데(도) Even though
V + (ㄹ)을게요 “I will do (verb)”
A -V + (어)아 + 도 돼요. May I ~ (to tell or ask permission)
지만 But then… (neg follows)
V + (어)아 주다~ (드리다) To give (do) something to( for) someone else
Vst+려고 Future intention
Vst + (이)기 때문에 Because of (verb); formal : placing blame
가, 어딘, 든, 모 Some ~ , ~ Where , Any ~ , Every~
V+기 쉬워 (기 쉽다) Easy to do
Vst + 고 있다 Verb “ing”
Vst + ㄹ (을) Future tense showing intention; or past repeated
너무 Too much (before the descriptive verb)
(이라)면서요? Is that so?
N + 후에 After
V + 자 Let’s do (verb) together. – informal
Possesive Particle
V + (으)ㅂ시다 Let’s (formal)
A-V + 겠다 I will do (verb)
V + (으)시 Honorific infix
V + (는)게 좋다 I like doing (verb), It’s good to (verb)
보다 (더) More ~ Than
Vst + 네(요) Expressing surprise (Exclamation)
N + 하고 And between nouns
A + 어,아, 여 + 보이다 To seem to be (seems to look like)
N + (이)가 돼요 It's okay, you can do it, or "it works like that.
N으로 가다 By way of (tools, methods , transport, destination)
Vst+ (으)ㄹ 수 있다 Can do something ~~~~
N(time)이 걸려요 It takes (time) < this much time to (v)
Vst으면 돼요 Is it okay to ~~~~?
Vst (Name) + (이) 세요? Suggesting and asking possibility.
V +(어)아 주세요 Please or Can you please (do the verb)
못 + V Can't, Won't, Not Possible
V + (으)뇨 Casual surprise
을 거예요 Going to do
V+거나 Whether or not
Vst + 시피 As you know
(으) 라고 하다 ID Reported Speech
N + 대로 or VST + 는 대로 As
(이)라도 at least or even if it’s just
V +ㄹ(을)래(요) I intend to ~
이를테면 ~ 말하자면 In other words
기 전에 Before doing
Vst + 기 위해(서) In order to do (V)
A-V + 기 Verb-ing, A”ness” . Adj & Verb nominalization
(으)나 마나 To be useless
N + 위해(서) Doing for the for the noun
께- 에게 -한테 Giving to or Receiving from
Vst + ㄹ(을) 까 (요) Shall we ?
아(어)도 (아무리) Even Though no matter how
더니 How could you
Your for certain things
게 되다 To become in a certain way
(# of time marker ) + 째(요)~(흘재)(요) (How many) days in a row
여기, 거기, 저기 Here, There, Over there
하여 Due to…
(ㄴ는) 다고 He ~ She said ~~~~ Reported Speech
Vst + (은)는가 Q about reality or talking to yourself
Vstㄹ(을) 지도 모르다 May be
Vst + 도록 하다 To be or make sure to
V+ㅂ(습)니다 Subject is doing the verb (formal declarative)
저, 나, 저희, 우리 First-person pronouns
V+ㄹ(을) 것이다 Intentional (Future)
N + 같이 A~V like, similar to
A-V + (으)ㄹ걸요 Might be or might do
끼리 Among, between people, with people
중에(서) Among (of all of them)
V + 아 - 어 보다 Have you ever been to (seen)
S -N + 마저 Noun + negative surprise
A-V + (스)ㅂ니다만 Formal but or however.
V + 아(어)야 지 Of course I have to~!
ㄹ (을) 까 I wonder...do you think
V + 나 했다 I wondered why/where/how ~
'으' Irregular 'eu' Conjugation
N + 씩 Each, A piece, Respectively
V + 어(아) 야겠다 I’ll or We’ll have to…
V +어(아) + 야 하다 Have to, should, must
V + 수(가) 없다 Can’t
안 A~V Is not, not, don’t
아무 + N 이나 Any(noun), Anyone
N + 뿐이다 The noun is~was (there was) the only
N + (이)라고는 The only (sentence starter)
N + 마다 Every~~~ /~~~ Each
N + (이)라지요 Perhaps
N 이(가) 되다 To become
N 전까지 By the time, by this time
V + 다가는 - Going to (verb) it
A~V + 어(아) 야 - Must, should ~~~~
N 개 권 명 살 원 (쯤) 되다 - Counting words & Numbers
V + 는 법 - How to (verb)
A + (으)ㄴ가요 - Wondering question
A + (으)ㄴ 것 - Describing: A (adjective) one
V+ㄹ(을)래 - Would you like to
V + (으)ㄹ 필요가 있다 (없다) - To need to, not need to
어떻게 하는지 알아 ( 몰라) - Know how, don’t know how
A-V +어(아) + 치우다 - Get , getting rid of
N + 와(과) 같이 - With someone
V +어(아) 오다 - To come and ~~~~
N + 인지 몰랐다 - I did not know (realize)
V + 수가 없다 - …so I can’t….
N + 인지 알았다 - Thought this was this…
N + 인가요 - Is the N a ~~~?
N + 후에 - After “N”
아무 + N 이나 - Anyone, Anything
아무 N + 도 - Nothing, nowhere, no one
아무 + 나 도 - Anyone, Anybody, Nobody
V+(으)ㄹ 걸 (그랬다) - I did something
이~가 - Subject marking particle
N + 에 중점을 두다 - More emphasis on the noun
N 반하다 - Fall into something
N에 빠지다 - To fall into the habit of doing
V+ (으)세요 - DO IT command
돼요 (안돼요) - To be working / To not be working.
도 될까요 - Would this be okay
NOT ING 고 있다 Verbs - Verbs that don’t use “ing”
지치다 & 피곤하다 - To be exhausted to be tired.
V+ 젆아요- Question / complaint to the listener / expects answer
~~ㄹ 거에요 (안 ~~ㄹ 거에요 ) - Going to / not going to
~~V는 것을 좋아해요 - I like to ~(do the verb)
~~ 로~~ 으로 - Going from ~ to (by way of) destination
~~verb~~ 면 좋겠어요. - I wish to do the verb
안네 ~ 밖에 – Inside (of) outside (of)
~(v)길 기대해 - To look forward to doing the verb
(N)을/를 끼다 ~ 신다 ~ 쓰다~ 하다 - To wear (put on)
놓다 ~ 넣다 - To put on ~ To put in
빠른 (adj) noun - Describing
에 관해서 - About (ask question about)
(이)나 - Or ~ Or something ~ Approximately
어/아 보다 Try to do
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