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8th unit vocabulary


Adduco ducere, duxi, ductus, lead, to influence
Antecedo ere, cessi, cessurus go before
Cerno ere, crevi, cretus distinguish
Certus a, um, fixed
Clamo are, avi, atus, shout
Commoveo movere, movi, motus disturb
Consulo ere, ui, tus consul
Dux ducis m. leader
Expedio ire, ivi, itus, look out
Factum I N. deed
Fuga ae f. flight
Homo inis mf. person
Impedimentum I n. hindrance
Impedio ire, ivi, itus entangle
Lex lgis f. law
Ligo are, avi, atus, tie up
Miles millitis m. soldier
Notus a, um known
Paratus a, um, prepare
Pax pacis f, peace
Pes pedis m. foot
Possum posse, potui to be able
Premo premere, pressi, pressus to press
Provideo videre, vidi, visus to see
Regnum I n. monarchy
Relinguo linquere, -liqui, -lictus, to leave
Rex regis m. king
Salus utis f. health
Spatium I n. space
Sto stare, steti, statum to stand
Tertius a, um, third
Timidus a, um, timid
Traduco ducere, duxi, ductus to bring
Transporto are, avi, atus, to transport
Ultimus a, um, farthest
Verto ere, -I, versus to turn
Vivo vivere, vixi, victum, to be alive
Vulnero are, avi, atus, to wond
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