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Southmoore--Green Book Unit 2 Verbs C

consumo consumere consumpsi consumptus use up, spend
fleo flere flevi fletus weep
ingredior ingredi x ingressus enter
miror mirari x miratus wonder, admire
orior oriri x ortus rise
spondeo spondere spopondi sponsus promise, pledge
studeo studere studui x be eager, study
compleo complere complevi completus fill
eo ire ii iturus go
exeo exire exii exiturus go out
praebeo praebere praebui praebitus furnish
redeo redire redii rediturus go back
accuso accusare accusavi accusatus blame
caedo caedere cecidi caesus cut, beat, kill
concedo concedere concessi concessurus withdraw, grant
hortor hortari x hortatus urge
instituo instituere institui institutus establish, train
nego negare negavi negatus deny
pereo perire perii periturus perish
significo significare significavi significatus to indicate, mean
arbitror arbitrari arbitratus x think
eicio eicere eieci eiectus throw out
depono deponere deposui depositus to put aside
Created by: southmoore