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Latin Mock GCSE

abeo to go away
abripio to snatch away
accipio to recieve, get, welcome
adeo to such an extent
adsum to be present, near
alloquor to speak to, address
amicus friend
antea previously, before
aperio to open
apud at the house of, in the presence of
aqua water
audeo to dare
audio to hear
aufero to carry away, take away
augeo to increase
auxilium help
bibo to drink
breviter briefly
cado to fall
caelum sky
capio to capture, take
caput head
celer fast
celo to hide
cena meal, dinner
ceteri the rest
civis citizen
cognosco to learn, get to know
conicio to throw
conor to try
consilium advice, plan
conspicio to catch sight of
corpus body
creo to create
cum primum as soon as
cupio to want, desire
curro to run
custodio to guard
debeo I owe, (one) ought
deicio to throw down
deinde then, next
deleo to destroy
deus god
despero to despair
dies day
diligenter carefully
discedo to depart
do to give
donum gift
dormio asleep
duco to lead, take
effugio to escape
egredior to go out, leave
emo to buy
enim for
etiam also, even
exeo to go out
extra outside
extraho to drag out
facilis easy
facio to make, do
fero to carry, bring
ferox fierce
fio to become, be made, happen
fidelis faithful
fides faith
fortasse perhaps
forte by chance
fortis brave
frustra in vain
gaudeo to rejoice
gero to wear, carry on
habeo to have
heri yesterday
huc illuc here and there, hither and thither
ianua door
impero to order, command
induo to put on
ingens huge, big
ingredior to enter, go into
inquit he says
inspicio to inspect, examine
intellego to understand, realise
interdiu during the day
interficio to kill
interrogo to ask
intro to enter
invalidus weak, feeble
invenio to find
invitus unwilling
ita in this way
iterum again
laetus happy
lacrimo to cry
laudo to praise
lectica litter
lego to read
libenter gladly
licet it is allowed
litus shore
locus place
lux light
magis more
magnus great, big
maneo to remain, stay
manus hand
metus fear
miles soldier
miror to wonder at, admire
mors death
mox soon
narro to tell, relate
nascor to be born
ne...quidem not even
neco to kill
nimis too much
nox night
nolo to be unwilling, to refuse
nomen name
noster our
nusquam nowhere
occurro to meet
olim once upon a time, formerly
omnis all, every
oro to plead, pray to
paene almost
patior to suffer, endure
pauci a few
paulum a little, little
perterritus terrified
pervenio reach, arrive (at)
pes foot
peto to seek, look for, make for
plurimus very much, very many, most
poenas dare to be punished
pono to place, put
porto to carry
posco to ask for, demand
postquam after
postremo finally
postridie on the following day
postulo to ask
praeclarus famous
praeter except
princeps emperor
procul far
proficiscor to set out
progredior to go forward, advance
promitto to promise
pulcher beautiful, handsome
quam how
quamquam although
quidam a, a certain, (plu) some
quoniam since
quis who?
quod because
quoque also
quot? how many?
reddo give back, return
res thing, matter, affair, situation
respondeo to reply, answer
rex king
rogo to ask
rursus again
saluto to greet
scelestus wicked
scio to know
securus carefree, unconcerned
semper always
senex old man
sequor to follow
servo to save, keep safe
silva wood
soleo to be accustomed
statim immediately
stultus stupid, foolish
suus his, her, its, their
taceo to be silent
talis such, of such a kind
tam so
tandem at last, at length
tempus time
timor fear
totus whole of
traho to drag
tristis sad
undique from all sides
ubi when
urbs city
vel...vel... either...or...
verto to turn
veto to forbid, tell not to
video to see
vinco to conquer, overcome
vita life
vix scarcely
volo, vis, vult to want
Created by: Marge-Homer



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