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PA Title 18 Ch. 29

PA Crime Code: Kidnapping

Joe, while robbing the First National Bank, grabs Nate to use as a shield from police firearms while he escapes. Kidnapping
Joe locks Ashley in his closet to prevent her from escaping while he is at work. Unlawful restraint
Joe entices little Shirley Temple away from her mother, who is temporarily having a conversation with a friend. Interference with custody of children
Joe entices Nate, a patient of the Hamot Medical Asylum, while Nate is outside for recess. Interference with custody of committed persons.
Joe, who has just committed murder in front of Ashley, tells Ashley he will tell the Army of God that she is a abortion doctor, which will put her life in danger, in order to prevent her from telling the police. Criminal coercion
Joe accepts $500,000 from Nate as a form of ransom money. Disposition of ransom
Even though there is an Amber alert out for little Shirley Temple, Joe decides to withhold the fact that she is in his home after he removed her from his ex-wife (Shirley's mother), even though Shirley is safe. Concealment of whereabouts of a child
Joe entices little Shirley Temple to his car with candy. Luring a child into a motor vehicle or structure
Joe takes forcibly takes Ashley out of her home in the middle of the night and asks her father for $1 million in exchange for her safe return home. Kidnapping
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