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Erosion vocab 2

Last 15 vocab words of ch.4

large piece of a glacier that enters the ocean iceberg
small glacial valley above a main valley hanging valley
rock material deposited by a glacier till
boulder left behind by a retreating glacier erratic
ridge of till deposited by a melting glacier moraine
oval-shaped mound of till drumlin
lake formed by a retreating glacier kettle lake
flat section of rock formed by the erosion of a sea cliff wave-cut terrace
gap formed when waves cut completely through a section of rock sea arch
column of rock remaining after the collapse of a sea arch sea stack
movement of water parallel to a shoreline longshore current
long, narrow deposit of sand connected at one end to the shore spit
long, offshore underwater deposit of sand parallel to a shoreline sand bar
removal of loose material from Earth's surface by wind deflation
thick deposits of wind-blown dust loess
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