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Erosion vocab 1

First 15 vocab words of ch.4

the process by which weathered material is removed and carried from a place erosion
the process by which material carried by erosion is dropped in new places deposition
downhill movement of weathered materials caused by gravity mass erosion
pile of rocks and rock particles that collects at the base of a slope talus
water from rain or snow that flows into streams and rivers from surface areas runoff
smaller stream that flows into the main stream of a river system tributary
wearing away of rock particles by wind and water abrasion
triangular deposit of sediment located at the mouth of a river delta
rock particles carried and deposited by wind, water, or ice sediment
flat area on the side of a river where sediments are deposited during floods floodplain
land that has sinkholes, caverns, and underground rivers karst topography
series of connected underground caves cavern
large hole in the ground formed when the roof of a cavern collapses sinkhole
moving river of ice and snow glacier
large sheet of ice found near Earth's poles ice cap
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