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运动 sports
球场 playground; playing field;stadium
出去 to go out; to leave
跑步 to run
走路 to walk
踱步 To walk slowly
楼上 upstairs
楼下 downstairs
前天 the day before yesterday
后天 the day after tomorrow
去年 last year
千年 the year before last year
饭馆 restaurant
冬天 winter
春天 spring
夏天 summer
秋天 autumn
橙红 orange (color)
采访 interview
撒谎 to tell a lie
西 west
sea; ocean
n: river
一直 continuously / always
家务 household chores
海鲜 seafood
few; little; lack;/; young
马里兰 Maryland
休息 to take a break; to rest
兄弟姐妹 siblings, brothers and sisters
军人 soldier
工人 worker
short of,before
多久 ◊ how long ◊ for a long time
老板 boss; owner
晚会 evening party
感到吃惊 to be surprised
玩的高兴 Have a good time
最好的。。。 ... best (word)...
快出去 to leave fast
地方 place
比赛 game;match;competition; to compete
位子 seat
get,recieve,answer (phone call)
打字 type
多长时间做。。。 ... How long did it take to do?
看见 see; catch sight of
看到 to catch sight of
去过 been; visit
to boil or cook
to steam (cook)
烤箱 oven
v: to fry in deep oil, to deep fry
烧烤 to bbq
to burn / to cook / to stew / to bake / to roast / fever
很多时候 Many Times
我什么 都 不用 I didn't use anything.
香港 Hong Kong
我们几个人 Several of us
舒服 to feel well
不舒服 to not feel well
鸡肉 chicken meat
vegetable; dish (of food); cuisine
鸡蛋 chicken egg
三明治 sandwich
面包 bread
叉烧包 Pork Bun
包子 stuffed bun
牛奶 cow's milk
街边小饭馆 Street Food Vendor
绿色食品 Green food; organic foods without chemical additives
米饭 cooked rice
中华人民共和国 People's Republic of China
中华民国 Republic of China
人民币 (RMB, Chinese currency
生活 life, livelihood, to live
买卖 Buying/Selling business
美元 U.S. dollar
比方说 for instance, to give an example
得到 to get; to obtain; to gain; to receive
经济 economy
听说 to be told; to hear of
同事 n: colleague, fellow worker
礼物 gift; present
从前 in the past; a long time ago
没有关系 It doesn't matter
自己 oneself
父母 father and mother;parents
马马虎虎 So-So
马马虎虎吧!mǎmǎhǔhǔ It's o.k!
等等 et cetera
想法 idea, thoughts; opinion
百分之。。。 percent (%)
小时 hour
Created by: wo.hualian
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