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peds nursingunit4and

peds nursing

Is there scarring with Impetigo? No scarring
What often causes cellulitis? Strept or staph
How is ringworm spread? Direct and indirect contact
Parents ask how long does symptoms last in scabies. The school nurse should say? Be prepared for symptoms to last 2 to 3weeks>
What is usually the only symptoms with head lice? Itching
A child with diabetes has extra episodes of hypoglycemia during the summer. What additional teaching is needed Additional snack may be needed to compensate for for changes in activity
What are some manifestations of hypoglycemia? Weakness,dizziness, difficulty concentrating ,speaking ,focusing ,and coordianting ,seating and pallor
Hypertoncity.poor control of posture,balance,and coordination are symptoms of? Spastic cerebral palsy
Cerebral palsy is mostcommonly caused by? Neonatal encephalopathy?
Parents of a child with CP ask you if their child will have cognitive impairment. What will you say? You state about 45% of affected children have normal intelligence
What are the major goals for child with cerebral palsy? The are to recognize the disorder early and promote optimal development
Can a child with CP participate in recreational activities? Recreational activities provide children with CP opporuntities for socialization and recreation
What is Gower's sign? It isa characteritis way of rising from a squatting or sitting position on the floor
This disorder has Gower's sign ,waddling gait ,and lordosis. What is it? Duchenne Muscular dystrophy
What is a priority for a child with Wilms' Disorder? Ensure abdomen is protected from palpation
What is the first action anurs should do if achild has a hypercynotic dspell? Place the child in a knew chest position
What is the blood flow pattern in Ventricular sepatl defect? There is increase pulmonary blood flow because of the left to right shunt
What complication is prevented when surgery is donefor apatent ductus arteiosus? Prevent pulmonary vascularngestion
Which of the following defects results in obstruction of blood flow---aortic stensois ,trcuspid atresia or atrial septal defect? Aortic stensois
Does the child with congenital heart disease ned the opporuntiy to play with others? Yes the child needs opporunity for socialization
What refers to involuntary, rhythmic and repetitive muscular contractions, that occur usually in the ankles, wrist and the kneecap or patella. Ankles are the most commonly affected? Clonus
What are the symptoms of bacterial endocardsitis? Decreased appetite ,intermittent fevers, muscle and joints ache, does not seem like self
What is th eprimary nursing intervention to prevent bacterial endocarditis? Counsel parents of high risk kids about th eneed for good dental health.
If a child has symptoms of bacterial endocariditis ,can they wait until a clinica appointment is arranged to see a medical provider? No, the child needs to be seen immediately for an evaluation
How can the school nurs prevent rheumatic fever? Refer the child with symptoms for a throat culture
What medications are used for the treamtnet of Kawasaki disease? High dose Intravenous gamma globulin and salicylate thearpy
WHy is nursing care for a child with Kawasaki challenging The child is very irritable
When is selective cholesterol screening recommnded for children over 2years of age? When body mass index =95 percentile
The mother of a young infant is worried her child is going to get meningitis. What should yo say to this mother? Vaccinations to prevent pneumococcal and H Influenzae type B are avaialble?
What are petechiae? Pinpoint flat round red spots under the skin surface caused by intradermal hemorrhage (bleeding into the skin).
A child arrives on the floor with possible bacterial meningitis.When should the nurse start the antibiotic ? As soon as possible
When planning care for a a school agge chidl with bacterial meningitis, What intervention shoudl be included? Keep enviromnetla stimulit to a minimum
How can one reduce the incidence of Reye Syndome? Avoid ASA for children with a viral illness
What is asn important intervention for child with Syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion? Restrict fluids
What are the hallmark symptoms of diabetes Mellitus? Frequent urination (polyuria) , Glycosuria ,and polydipsa
What should a child with Diabetes cary when excerising? Extra snacks
This disorder is caused by aspirochete spread by ticks? What is Lyme disease
IS there still a" no nits policy" in most schools? The child can remain in school with treatment done at home
What is the inappropriate voiding of urine at least twice a week? Enuresis
When does enuresis cease? Enuresis ends between 6 and 8 years of age
What is encoporesis? a child may be unaware of a prior sensation or be unable to control the urge to defecate once it begins
What advice should parents rteceive from a nurse regarding encoporesis? Aaure parents tha tmost problems with encoporesis resolve successfully with some relapse periods
What are important points regarding the daignosis of ADHD? A multidisciplinary evalaution is important. Need to determine whether the child's behavior is age appropriatye or problematic?
What is the goal for children with cognitive impairment? The goal for children with cogntivie impairment is the promotion of optimal social,physical ,cogntive ,and adaptive develeopment
Name a secondary prevention activity for childsren with cognitive impairment. Newborn screening for treaable inborn errors of metabolism
The AAIDD classfieis mental retardation based on what? Adaptative skills domain.
Name on intervention that parents can do to prevent lice from spreading. Discourage your child from sharing items such as hats,scarves,and hair ornaments
What gudiance can the nurse give to parents of cogntive imapired childrten about discipline? Clear limit setting .Behavior modification is excellent to use
What are appropriate interventions to foster social developemnt in children with cogntive imapriemtn? peer experiences, infant stimulationa nd preschool programs
How should one deal with the issue of sexuality with adolescents who are cogntively impaired? These adolescents need a well defined ,concrete code of sexual development
The child with Down's syndrome is unable to cling or "cuddle up" like other children True or False True
What is the second most common genetic cause of cognitive impairment? Fragile X Syndromw
How does one define cardiac output? It is the volume of blood ejected by the heart in 1 minutes
What should preoperative education for a six year old undergoing cardiac catheterization do? adapted to the child'sa level of understanding
What should be prevented in children with hypoxia secondary to a cardiac defect? Dehydration
Why do infants with congestive heart failure have a need for more calories? Infants withCHF have agreater metabolic rate becaus eof poor cardiac function and increased heart and respiratory rate
What is a common sign of digoxin toxicity ? Vomiting
When should you withold digoxin in a toddler? If a 1 minute pulse is less thant 90 beats pewr minutes
The bandages and sheets of a child who just had a cardiac cath are soaked with blood, what should th enurse do? apply direct pressure above catheterization site
CHD is an underlying problem in CHF in children (True or False) true
What is a goal of therapy for children with CP? Maximize the child's capabilities
What would you expect to observe in a child with severe spastic Cerebral palsy? Scissoring of the legs
RIngworm(Dermatophytoses) are________________infections of the skin, hair ,or nails Fungi
Children with Tourette's syndrome can be treated by what drug Haldol
A child receives Ritalin for ADHD. What is a therapeutic effect of this drug. Increase attention span
What lab finding should you expect to see with a child who has tetralogy of fallot Polycythemia
What medication is used to close the Patent ductus arteriosus? Indomethacin
The parents of a child with tetralogy of Fallot asked why the infant's fingers are "clubbed", HOw would you answer them It is the result of extra capillaries forming in the tips of extremities as the body attempts to send blood to all body parts
This defect requires the nurse to take blood presure readings in the upper and lower extremities.It is__________ Coaractation of the aorta
A child has developed rheumatic fever. The nurse considers the posibility that the child had what earlier_________________ Strept throat, impetigo, or scalret fever
A parent of a toddler who has Kawasaki's is concerned because the child is very irritable. The nurse tells the parent_________ Irritability is part of Kawasaki's disease
What is often the first symptom of a Acyanotic heart defect? Heart murmur
What is a condition that places the child at risk for infective ednocarditis? Congenital heart defect
How can the incidence of rheumatic fever be reduced? By Culturing and treating strep infection
What should be the emphasize of dischrage teachingf or a child who has rheumatic fever? Compliance with long term antibiotic therapy
How is hyperlipidemia Managed in most children ? Diet and weight loss
Children with Kawasaki Disease receive aspirin for what reason? Antithrombolytic therapy
Name three clinical manifestations of chronic hypoxemia in children Squatting,clubbing,polycythemia
This term refers to the resistance against which the ventriccles must pump against Afterload
An expected finding in an anlysis oof CSF in a child with bacterial meningitis is_________ Cloudy
A child has pneumococcal meningitis. The nurse review thechild's hsitory. What migh have caused this or transmitted this infectious agent? Middle ear infection
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