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奥运会 àoyùnhuì Olympics
高尔夫 gāo'ěrfū golf
游戏 yóuxì game
bèi by (in passive construction, strong adversity, most formal, agent is optional)
体育场 tǐyùchǎng stadium
银行 yínháng bank
强盗 qiángdào robber; bandit
间谍 jiàndié spy
活动 huódòng activity
杀人 shārén Homicide. Literally "kill person."
取得 qǔdé to obtain; to acquire; to gain
逮捕 dàibǔ to arrest or apprehend
追究 zhuījiū Investigate
工程师 gōngchéng shī engineer
自由活动 zìyóu huódòng Freelance
总经理 zǒngjīnglǐ general manager
管理 guǎnlǐ management, to manage
局面 júmiàn situation
欧洲 ōuzhōu Europe
澳洲 àozhōu Australia
俄国 éguó Russia
香港 xiānggǎng Hong Kong
加拿大 jiānádà Canada
调查员 diàocháyuán Investigator
国零售联邦 guó língshòu liánbāng National Retail Federation
耍狮子 shuǎ shīzi Perform a lion dance.
吓住 xià zhù scared, frightened
dāi to wait; to stay
总统 zǒngtǒng president
重大 zhòngdà great; important; major; significant
事访问 shì fǎngwèn State visit
挑战 tiǎozhàn challenge; challenge to fight
浩瀚 hàohàn vast
太平洋 tàipíngyáng Pacific Ocean
作用 zuòyòng impact; result; to act on; to affect
友谊 yǒu yì friendship
国际 guó jì international
世界 shìjiè world
和平 hé píng peace
发表 fābiǎo publish; issue
大部分 dà bùfen the most part, majority
发展中国家 fāzhǎnzhōngguójiā developing country
增加 zēngjiā to increase, to raise, to add
减少 jiǎnshǎo reduce; decrease
严肃 yánsù solemn, serious (e.g., attitude)
进步 jìnbù progress
借口 jièkǒu excuse; pretext
真诚 zhēnchéng sincere; genuine; true
当然 dāngrán of course; as it should be; only natural that
pàng fat, plump
pà to fear, to be afraid of
简单 jiǎndān simple
跑步 pǎobù running
pǎo to run
难受 nánshòu hard to bear;uncomfortable
网球 wǎngqiú tennis
pāi racket
篮球 lánqiú basketball
游泳 yóuyǒng to swim/ swimming
危险 wēixiǎn dangerous
淹死 yān sǐ to drown
愿意 yuànyì be willing to
上大学 shàng dàxué to attend college/university
为了 wèile for the sake of
提高 tígāo to improve; to raise; to heighten
水平 shuǐpíng level;standard
足球 zúqiú soccer;football
比赛 bǐsài game;match, competition; to compete
国际 guójì International
美式 měishì American-style
应该 yīnggāi should, ought to
jiǎo foot
tī to kick
shǒu hand
bào to hold or carry in the arms
yā to press;to hold down;to weigh down
bèi by (in passive construction)
担心 dān xīn to worry
bàng Good, Fantastic
运动服 yùn dòng fú sportswear
半天 bàn tiān long time; half day
慢跑 màn pǎo jogging
打棒球 dǎ bàngqiú to play baseball
打乒乓球 dǎ pīngpāngqiú to play table tennis
打太极拳 dǎ tàijíquán to do Tai Chi (a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing)
抢劫犯 qiǎngjiéfàn Robber
从事 cóngshì to be engaged in
方面 fāngmiàn aspect
难过 nán guò feel sorry; be grieved;feel bad; have a hard time
考虑 kǎo lǜ to think over; to consider; consideration
无所谓 wúsuǒwèi don't care, don't mind
英里 yīng lǐ mile
将来 jiāng lái n: in the future
兑换 duìhuàn exchange, to exchange
Created by: wo.hualian
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