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马上 immediately;right away
放假 go on vacation;have time off
to let go; to set free
(a.) false; (n.) vacation
公司 company
实习 (v.) to intern, (n.) internship
打工 to have a temporary job, to do manual work
计划 plan;to plan
暑假 summer vacation
打算 to plan (also noun for plan)
父母 father and mother;parents
首都 capital city
政治 politics; political
文化 culture
名胜古迹 famous scenic spots and historic sites
有名 famous;well-known
导游 tour guide
护照 passport
to make reservations, to book
签证 visa
旅行社 travel agency
长城 Great wall
香港 Hong Kong
台北 Taipei
护士 nurse
验血 blood test
比如所 For example
现金 cash
门口 doorway; entrance
购物中心 shopping center
到底 at last; finally; after all; when all is said and done
大楼 tall building
to stop, halt, pause, to park
停车场 parking lot
大使馆 embassy
交通堵塞 traffic jam. traffic congestion
交通 traffic
翻译 to translate
外交官 diplomat
政府 government
官员 official (in an organization or government); administrator
千万 be sure to; must
大使 ambassador
民主 democracy
专政 Dictatorship
军事演习 Military exercises
秦律 Invasion
对话 dialogue
手段 method, strategy
发言人 spokesperson; informant
七十岁以上 Over 70
二十岁以下 Under 20
决赛 finals, runoff, shoot-off
不许 not allow(ed); must not
之前 ◊ before, prior to ◊ previous
嫌疑犯 suspect, suspected criminal
收入 Income
警察 police
改变 To alter, to change
国内战争 civil war; internal struggle
国内 inside (a country)
重要 important; major significant
石油 oil, petroleum
埃及 Egypt
动荡 turbulence, unrest; unstable
舞狮 Lion Dance
岳母 mother-in-law
案件 law case, legal case
案子 law case, legal case
试图 attempt
袭击 make a surprise attack; surprise attack
部署 to deploy
classifier for ships
上司 shàngsi boss
(of children) well-behaved; obedient
全天 All day
单位 work unit
会议 meeting, conference, session
邀请 to invite; invitation
申请 application. to apply
经历 experience; go through; under go
常见 common
文件 document; file
因特网 Internet
打印 Print
根据 according to; as evidenced by; basis; foundation
目前 at the moment; at present
法律 law
状况 condition/state (of affairs)
根据 according to
规定 a policy; to stipulate; to fix, set
符合 (accord with; conform to)
解释 explain, interpret; explanation, interpretation
担保 to guarantee, to assure
必须 must; have to; be obliged to; necessary
足够 enough; sufficient
理由 reason; ground; argument; excuse; caus
相信 to believe; believe in, have faith in
变化 To change (also a noun)
面谈 an interview; to interview face to face
单程 one way trip
往返 make a round trip;go there and back
航空 aviation, airline
to check;to look into
航班 Flight number, scheduled flight
直飞 fly directly to
打着 Sell at a Discount
转机 change planes
to lean on;to lean against;to be next to
窗户 window
走道 aisle
classifier for part; share; portion of:- a dish, gift; a set of something; of newspapers, periodicals, documents; resources; contracts; meaning; intention; purpose; friendship; ability; force; duty; obligation; responsibility
素餐 vegetarian meal
旅馆 Hotel
to rent
中国国际航空公司 Air China
西北航空公司 Northwest Airlines
证件 documents; id
照相机 camera
头等舱 (first class (in airplane)
商务舱 (business class)
阿司匹林 aspirin
枕头 pillow
毯子 blanket
Created by: wo.hualian
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