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lesson 7

lesson 7 unit two

intro this chapter is going to be about egypt, kush, and canaan
environmental factors and early human settlement three inportant environmental factors were water,topography,and vegitation
water people need water for drinking and bathing in. it is also a source of food like fish that need water
topography the shape of land such as mountains, hills, plains,and deserts
vegitation plant life such as trees, bushes, flowers, grass, and reeds
environmental factors and the early settlements of egypt and kush both egypt and kush settled near the nile river.
physical features of eygpt and kush the nile river was the most inportant physical feature for egypt and kush
environmental factors and human settlement in egypt and kush egyptions and kushites didnt live in deserts because it was useless for farming that is why they settled near the nile river,since it provided fertilization
papyrus a tough water plant used to make paper and rope in ancient times
environmental factors and the early settlements of canaan canaan is where the hebrews settled and its environmental factors and early settlement was easier in some areas.
physical features of canaan physical features of canaan included plains and valleys,mountains,deserts,and water
environmental factors and human settlement in canaan the jordon river and the mediterranian sea was an environmental factor and human settlement
nomad a person who moves from place to place with no perminate home
chapter summery in this chapter I learned about three environmental factors that influenced the settlement of ancient egypt,kush,and cannon
Created by: alikat