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Mr Mac Ecosystem

What does abiotic mean? Non-living
Name 3 things in an ecosystem that are abiotic factors. Rocks, soil, water, temperature, climate/weather, altitude, sunlight, air...
What does biotic mean? Alive or living
Name somethings that would be biotic factors in an ecosystem. plants, animals... all the organisms
How is a population different from a community? A population refers to one kind of organism a community is many kinds of organisms.
How is a population similar to a community? It refers to living things. Many populations make up a community.
Describe how energy flows through a food chain or food web? It moves in the direction the arrows point. It moves from producers, to consumers and then to decomposers.
What is a secondary consumer? It is a consumer that eats another consumer?
What is a primary consumer? It is a consumer that eats a producer.
Why is conservation of natural resources important? (Don't say because we will run out) Much of our use of natural resources leads to a negative effect on the environment and ecosystems. (pollution and destruction of habitats)
What provides the energy that begins almost all food webs and chains? The sun
Another name for a primary consumer is an... Herbivore
Another name for a secondary consumer is a... Carnivore or Omnivore
How do producers make their food? Name the process. Photosynthesis
What do producers use to carry out photosynthesis? Sun light and what else? Water and carbon dioxide
Name 3 things continually recycled in nature. Water, air(oxygen and carbon dioxide) and food.
What is a biome? A large area with similar climate, rainfall, organisms and land features.
Does North America have different biomes? Yes
What are some of the biomes in North America? Tundra, taiga, grassland, desert, temperate forest and temperate rain forest
What do producers "eat"? The Sun... Well they don't really "eat" it, they use it to conduct photosynthesis.
Which direction does the energy flow in a food chain? From the producer to the consumer or from the primary consumer to the secondary consumer.
Would the bacteria decomposing a dead animal be a biotic ecosystem factor? Yes, bacteria are living organisms
What is symbiosis? When 2 different species live in close contact with one another. The relationship can benefit both organisms -or only one organism -and can sometimes harm one of the organisms
Name a symbiotic relationship. Egyptian plover and the crocodile -Clown fish and anemone -Many mammals and the bacteria in our digestive system -and many more
Would you count plants as part of an ecosystem's community? Yes, Plants are organisms.
What do ecologists call the population of organisms per unit of area? population density
What are non-native species? A species of organism that isn't found naturally in an ecosystem, biome or habitat.
What is an organism? Any living thing.
Does America have different biomes? Yes, deserts, temperate forests, grasslands and even a type of rain forest.
What organism is at the bottom of food chains? Producers
All food chains begin with which type of organism? producer
Can a primary consumer be a carnivore? NO. A primary consumer must eat plants.
Can a secondary consumer be an herbivore? No. A secondary consumer must eat animals.
Name 3 special types of consumers. Decomposer, scavenger and parasite.
Are all types of symbiosis helpful to each organism? No, parasitism hurts one organism and helps the parasite.
What happens in the type of symbiosis called "commensalism"? One organism is helped and the other organism is unharmed.
What happens in the type of symbiosis called "mutualism"? Both organisms are helped by the relationship.
What is photosynthesis? The process of making "food/sugar" out of sunlight + water + carbon dioxide.
Photosynthesis is a very important process in ecosystems. Why? Photosynthetic plants begin "ALL" food chains. Without them ecosystems would fall apart and "ALL" things would DIE!
Plants are able to make their own food using photosynthesis. Name the process plants and animals use to convert the food into energy? (Hint: It happens in all cells) Cellular Respiration
Why is dissolved oxygen important in water ecosystems?
Why are too many phosphates and nitrates unhealthy for a water ecosystem?
What is biodiversity?
What native and non-native species?
What are endangered species?
Created by: MrMac