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Heisig Japanese #2

Frames 52-104

53 只 only
54 貝 shellfish
55 貞 upright
56 員 employee
57 見 see
58 児 newborn baby
59 元 beginning
60 頁 page
61 頑 stubborn
62 凡 mediocre
63 負 defeat
64 万 ten thousand
65 句 phrase
66 肌 texture
67 旬 a ten day period
68 勺 ladle
69 的 bull's eye
70 首 neck
71 乙 fish guts, pure, quaint, tasteful
72 乱 riot
73 直 straightaway
74 具 tool
75 真 true
76 工 craft
77 左 left
78 右 right
79 有 possess
80 賄 bribe
81 貢 tribute
82 項 paragraph
83 刀 sword
84 刃 blade
85 切 cut
86 召 seduce
87 昭 shining
88 則 rule
89 副 vice-, duplicate, copy
90 別 separate
91 丁 street
92 町 village
93 可 can (as in I can)
94 頂 place on the head
95 子 child
96 孔 cavity
97 了 complete
98 女 woman
99 好 fond
100 如 likeness
101 母 mama
102 貫 pierce
103 兄 elder brother
104 克 overcome
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