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Nutrition Ch. 11

Nutrition through the Life Span: Childhood and Adolesence

What does growth rate slow? after age 1
Childrens appetites begin to diminish around their? first birthday
How many kcalories does a 1 year old need a day? 800
At age 10 how many kcalories does a child need? 2000
Total energy needs increase with? age
Carb recommendations are based on? glucose used by the brain
How much iron should a child have per day? 7-10 mg
How many cups of milk until age 8? 2c
How many cups of milk from age 9 on? 3c
How much vit D while growing? 10mcg per day
Both short term and long term hunger exert? negative effect on behavior and health
What does short term hunger cause? child losses ability to pay attention and be productive
What does long term hunger do? impaires growth and immune functions
Low iron effect? intellectual performance
Treatment of iron deficiency is import to? fix early in life
A child with a lot of deficiencies may be? irritable, aggressive, and disagreeable
Children who are malnourished are vulnerable to? lead poisoning
Iron deficiency weakens? the body's difenses against lead absorption, and lead poisoning can cause iron deficiency
What are two common sources of lead? soil and paint
Lead toxicity can cause irreversible? nerve damage, paralysis, mental retardation and death
Lead affects? brain development
lead is not easily? excreted and accumulates
Where does lead accumulate? bones, brain, teeth, and kidneys
What is the most common allergy? peanut
Food allergies diminish with? age
Allergies may have? 1 or 2 components
Allergies always include? antiboldies
What is an asymptomatic alllergy? producing antibodies without have any symptoms
What is a symptomatic allergy? producing antibodies and have symptoms
A person who has symptoms, but no antibodies does not have? an allergy
Allergic reactions to food may be? immediate or delayed
What is anaphylactic shocks most often caused by? peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans,fish
What causes a great allergic reactions that all other allergies combined? peanuts
What are symptoms of anaphylactic shock? tingling of the tongue, throat, skin or difficulty breathing
What prevents anaphylaxis after exposure to allergen? epinephrine
Not all adverse reactions to foods are? food allergies
What are signs of adverse reactions to foods? stomachaches, headaches, rapid pulse, nausea, wheezing, hibes, coughh
What are reactions that involve symptoms but no antibody production? food intolerance
What is a tolerance level for? pesticides
Hyperactivity can interfere with? child's social development and ability to learn
Sugar does not cause? hyperactivity
Hyper behavior is not caused by? poor nutrtion
Misbehavior may reflect? inconsistant care
Nutrient needs depend on? rates of growth, activity
Created by: alicia.rennaker