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Glaciers, Waves, and Wind.

When Waves crash onto the beach at an angle,it will create this along the coastline. long shore drift
The process where wind picks up sediment and moves it is called deflation
a sharp ridge seperating two cirques. arete
a sharpened peak where a glacier carved away the sides. horn
a bowl shaped hollow eroded by a glacier cirque
large lakes eroded by plucking and abrasion glacial lake
forms where a glacier deposits mounds or ridges of till. moraine
formed by sliding over aa moraine drumlin
where a deppresion left in till by melting ice fills with water. kettle lake
what force causes a wave to slow down and break when it reaches shallow water friction
what land features are made from wave erosion? sea cliff, sea caves, headlands.
what are the features made by wave deposition? barrier beach, sandbar, spit.
what is the difference between a sand dune and a loess? sand dunes are the mounds that form when wind drops sand and a loess is deposits of tiney pices of sediment that are dropped by wind.
Created by: eobrien