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Unit 10 quiz


Why don't we find molted lizard skins? they fall off in pieces and the lizards eat them
What is the rhyme that teaches you the difference between a coral snake and a king snake? Red on black poison lack: Red on yellow kills a fellow
What is the difference between a tuatara and a lizard. the tuatara has no ear holes and they love cooler weather.
What is the special sense that pit vipers have? they have a heat sense
What other reptile's fossils have we found tuatara fossils with? Dinosaur fossils
What are ambush predators? snakes that lie in wait for hours for their prey... then pounce!
What do baby snakes use to tear open the shell that they hatch from? egg tooth
What do all reptiles have in common? they are ectothermic, they molt and have scales
What did God give snakes instead of eyelids? a transparent layer of skin over their eyes.
The class reptilia contains what three types of animals? turtles, snakes, and lizards
How do snakes consume their prey? Whole
What are the 4 types of venomous snakes in the US? coral, rattlesnake,copperhead, and cottonmouth
How often do adult snakes molt? 2-5 times a year
Why is a legless lizard not considered a worm? because it has eyelids, ears and a tail that can break off.
Why are Gecko feet unique? because they have thousands of setae on their toes which allows them to actually stick to surfaces.
Created by: kjproverbs356