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6SS Q3 Vocab

Sub-Saharan Africa Vocab

apartheid South African system where racial discrimination was legal
arable land suitable for growing crops
archaeologist person who studies human history through digging up artifacts and physical remains
basin a bowl-shaped hollow or depression in the earth’s surface
cash crop a crop (plant/veggie) that is grown to sell
cataracts rock filled rapids in a river
colonial relating to colonies
colonist person who settles a colony (settler)
colonization to settle an area and take over or create a government
colony area under political control of another country
desertification changing of fertile land into land too dry for crops – desert land
developing country poorer country with less advanced economy
developed country richer country with advanced economy
Great Rift Valley fertile valley in east Africa, located between Mt. Kilimanjaro and most of the major lakes in Africa
imperialism ruling by military force
independence being free from outside control, self-governing
middle passage journey of slave trading ships from west coast of Africa to the Americas
nationalism feeling of pride in your country
plateau large, mostly flat area of land that rises above the surrounding land
sahel climate region located between Sahara Desert and grasslands of Africa
savanna region of tall grasses
slavery system of owning slaves (people owned and forced to work without pay and with no freedom)
subsistence farming growing just enough crops to support your family
urbanization movement of people from farming areas to cities/towns
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