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Zoology Quiz 10

List the characteristics of a reptile. They are cold-blooded, have scales, they molt.
Define molting of a reptile: The skin dries up and peels off in pieces.
Define molting of a snake: The new skin begins to grow under the old skin, the old skins dulls in color, eye coverings cloud over, skin around lips loosens and forced back over the head, neck and body.
Do snakes blink? Yes or No (Why or Why not?) No, because they don't have eyelids.
How does a snake hear? They detect vibrations that travel through the ground or water.
Pit vipers have a special sense. What is it? They can sense heat.
List the 4 types of venomous snakes found in the U.S. rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths and coral snakes
How does a snake consume their prey? Whole
If a snake does not chew its prey, then why do they have teeth? To keep the prey from escaping out of their mouth.
A venomous snake always injects venom when it bites. T or F False (Dry bite) see pg 175, last paragraph before "Baby Snakes"
Scales on the belly of a snake are called? Scutes
Be able to write out the RHYME we learned to help us know if a snake is poisonous or not. "Red on black, poison lack. Red on yellow kills a fellow"
List the 3 pit vipers found in the U.S. rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouths
The largest snakes in the world are: Anacondas and pythons
Is the venom of a lizard potent enough to kill someone? Only the venom of a Mexican bearded lizard and the Gila lizard.
What might happen to a lizard if you grab it by its tail? The tail will break off, but it will grow back.
Lizards eat their molted skin. T or F True, it contains protein.
It is NOT the surroundings of a chameleon that will cause it to change colors. What is it? Amount of light, time of day, desire to mate, or specific moods. (It has 4 layers of skin that help it accomplish its color changes.)
A gecko's toes are covered by millions of hair-like projections called: setae
What is the largest lizard? Komodo dragon
What makes the worm lizard a lizard and not a worm? It has a backbone.
What is unique about the tuatara? It has 3 eyes, but the third eye is only for telling light from dark.
How many years does a tuatara grow? 20 years, but it can live to be over 100 years old.
Where is the only place on earth you can find a tuatara? New Zealand
Created by: elizabethzoology