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MSA Vocab Part 11

Precipitation Process by which water falls to Earth from the atmosphere in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
Predator An organism that kills and consumes another organism (prey); includes animals eating other animals, and animals eating plants.
Prediction A board statement (based on an observation, experience, or scientific reason) of what will happen (the effect) in a given circumstance or situation.
Prey An organism that is killed and eaten by other organism.
Producer An organism that makes its own food.
Proton Positively charged particles in the nucleus of an atom.
Psychrometer An instrument used to measure relative humidity.
Qualitative Data that is related to the quality of observations.
Radiation Energy traveling through empty space or through a transparent material without heating the empty space or transparent material.
Reactant Compound or element to gain or lose electrons which are used for bonding.
Refraction The change in velocity and apparent bending of the beam of light or other wave-form as it passes from one medium to another.
Relative Age The age of rock (older or younger) in comparison with the age of other rocks.
Renewable Source Resources that can be replenished, such as trees and plants.
Revolution The movement of a celestial body in an orbit around another celestial body.
River A natural steam of water with a large volume.
Rock Slide A mass of rock sliding down a hill or mountainside.
Rotation The spinning motion of a planet or other object on its axis.
Salinity The concentration of dissolved salts (usually sodium chloride) in a body of water.
Sand Dune A mound of sand that is deposited by the wind.
Satellite An object that moves around Earth or some other object rather than falling onto it.
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