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MSA Vocab Page 12

Satellite An object that moves around the Earth or some other object rather than on falling onto it
Scavenger An organism that feeds on dead organic matter
Sea floor spreading Process by which new ocean floor is formed by lava erupting from a rift valley, pushing the existent floor outward from the rift
Seasons Changes in temperature and the length of day and night over the course of a year
Sediment Small pieces of rock, shell, and plant and animal matter that is moved and deposited by water, wind, or ice
Sedimentary rock Rock formed from sedimentation
Sedimentation The settling out of fragments of weathered rock or remains of living things that are carried and deposited by wind, water, or ice
Selective breeding Selection for specific traits imposed by humans, either deliberately or otherwise, upon wild or domesticated plants and animals
Series circuit An electric circuit in which the current passes through only one pathway
Sexual reproduction Mode of reproduction involving two parents, usually involving meiosis, gamete formation, and fertilization
Solar energy Energy from the Sun in the form of light and heat energy
Solar System The Sun with the group of celestial bodies that revolve around it
Solid The state in which a substance has a definite volume and shape and resists forces which try to change these
Solubility Ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance
Solution Mixture in which the molecules of one substance (solute) are dissolves in another substance (solvent)
Sound Longitudinal wave produced by the vibration of a material
Species Organisms whose members are alike and successfully reproduce among themselves
Speed A scalar quantity that describes the change in position in a certain period of time (how fast something is moving) (compare with velocity)
Spring scale Tool that is calibrated in Newtons and is used to measure the weight of an object
Spring tide Tide that occurs during the full and new moon phases in which the water level is higher than normal
Standard unit Inches, feet, yard, centimeters, meters, grams, ounces, pounds, Celsius degrees, Fahrenheit degrees, hours and minutes and non-standard units (i.e. paper clips)
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