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HLA Stems

Stems review for Fuller's honors students

re again
intro into
fer carry
de down
alter change/other
dis away/not
pre before
spec look
chron time
tempo time
paleo old
able/ible capable of
volv roll
tion/sion act or state of
(i)ty state of being
omni all
potent power
-ship quality/state of
co- together
multi- many
poly many
-acy quality/state of
equi- equal
theo god
-ism state of/system of
ethno race or culture
dox opinion
gamy marriage
ver true
nounce say
mis- bad/not
rupt break
-y relating to
anti- against
graph/gram write
non- not
mono one
-ic/-ical relating to
-(i)fy to make
uni- one
scrib/script write
biblio book
ego I
bell war
cap take
dyn power
reg king
-ate to make
-ous full of
-dom house
arch to rule
agog leader
polis city
phil/phile love
pater father
matri mother
mal- bad
pop people
demo people
im- not
miss send
-le relating to
trans across
loco place
port carry
neo new
ad to
pro forward
crypt hidden
lat side
nov new
-al relating to
-cy quality/state of
cycle circle
ec/eco house
bio life
-logy study of
inter- between
-ist one who
ness quality of
cide kill
zo/zoa animal
mort death
spir breathe
viv life
sect cut
micro small
intra within
endo within
-ical relating to
con/com together
phon sound
-cian/-ician one who/specialist
duct lead
-er/-or one who
cede/ceed to go
ambul to walk
tort twist
tend stretch
contra- against
ante before
poly many
circum around
sym/syn together
sub under
terr(a) earth
geo earth
ultr(a) beyond
ambi-/amphi- both
centri- center
stereo solid
mar sea
sci to know
meter measure
therm(o) heat
dextro right or clockwise
-i plural
-ian one who
-ar relating to
-ize to make
-ual related to
tele far
astr/aster star
mov/mot move
vid/vis see
-ess female
luna moon
helio sun
gyro turn
dia- across
em- go into/go onto
en- put into/put onto
fore- before
ex- out of, not
Created by: lfuller1