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Europe geography

Oskooi - World Geography - Europe

Events like Kosovo separatists attacking a Serbian post, NATO warplanes bombing Belgrade (the capital of Serbia), refer to ??? Warfare after the breakup of Yugoslavia
Where is the Balkan peninsula in relation to the rest of Europe? Southeast Europe, the site of much ethnic conflict following the breakup of Yugoslavia.
What is the capital of Poland? Warsaw
What is the biggest country on the eastern border of Germany? Poland
Which country is between Romania and Ukraine? Moldova
Italy is this type of landform... peninsula
Which continent is south of Europe? Africa
True or False: The city-states of ancient Greece were united by a central government. False
How was Greek democracy different for women? They couldn't participate in it.
Before Rome was an empire ruled by an emperor, it was a .... Republic
An emperor in the Roman Empire was called a ______ (hint: Julius _____). Caesar
What was one reason that the Roman Empire fell apart? It became too big to govern. It was also attacked by Germanic tribes.
Who was the explorer whose crew was the first to sail around the world? Magellan
Which conquistador conquered the Aztecs? Hernan Cortes
Which two countries in Europe colonized South America the most? Spain and Portugal
True or False: Columbus was the first European to discover North America? False: he neither landed in North America, nor would he have been the first to if he did.
Who was the European from whose name we get the word "America"? Amerigo Vespucci
What was feudal society (aka feudalism)? A socio-economic system where wealthy lords allowed peasants, knights, and others to use their land in exchange for their services.
If you were a warrior in Europe during the Middle Ages, you would be called a _________. Knight
Why were the Middle Ages called "the Middle Ages" or "the Medieval period"? Because it was the time period in Europe's history that was in the middle of (or, between) the Roman era and the Renaissance.
Who or what collected 10% of people's earnings (tithing) during this period? the Church
What do we call the period of renewed interest in learning and the arts beginning in the 14th century in Europe? the Renaissance
What word means, "a government in which citizens elect represen- tatives to rule in their name"? republic
What is the name of the currency used by countries in the European Union? euro
What is a "satellite nation"? A nation that is dominated by another nation.
What is "anti-Semitism"? Prejudice against Jewish people or culture.
What makes a government "Communist"? A command economy where the government controls the nation's resources.
Why did World War I involve so many countries? alliances
Which nation was the main aggressor in both world wars? Germany
On which cities did the U.S. drop the atomic bomb? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
True or False: Italy was an ally of the U.S. during World War 2? false
What was the name of the document that ended WW1 and possibly led to WW2? the Treaty of Versailles
True or False: The country of Poland was an aggressor in WWII? False
Created by: Crackalack