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Invertebrate an animal that does not have a backbone
Neuron a special tissues that make fibers
Ganglion a mass of nerve cells
Brain an organ that controls nerves throughout the body
Gut the digestive tract
Coelom a body cavity that contains the internal organs
Regenerate to grow back
Medusa Polyp swin through the water
nematocyst roundworm/ stinging worm
parasite an organism that invades and feeds om the body of another living organism
Polyp attach to a surface
pores the wholes of the outside of a sponge body/ let the water in the sponge
collar cells line the central cavity of a sponge/filter and digest food from the water that enters the body
osculum a whole on top of the sponge/ lets the water out
spicules sharp skeleton
spongin soft skeleton
phyla-Cnidaria a group of invertabrates that have stinging cells
phyla-Platyhelminthese flatworms
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