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canadian research

everything about canada

what was the main food, clothing, and tool source that the prairie indians used? buffalo
what happened to the prarie indians when explorers started to make settlements? they where forced onto reserves
who killed the buffalo for sport and for their hides? Euorpean desendents
how long did it take for the settlers to kill of the buffalo? about 4 years
what was the big event in 1858 that made the population of british columbia rise? the klondike gold rush
when did british columbia officially join canada? 1876
who was the famous explorer that sailed to vancouver island? james cook
where did the men stay while mining? bomtowns
who rediscovered newfoundland and labrador after the vikings left their colony in vinland? john cabot
who was exiled from the eastern part of canada when the british thought they where spies? acadias
who was the viking that discovered newfoundland? helge ingstad
in 1888 british columbian ancestory forced the indigenous people of the land onto reserves because? they where serching for gold
what is the name of the bands of light you can often see in the northern hemishere? northern lights
wht was the name of the new territory that was formed from the old northwest terrritories nunavut
when was nunavut carved out of the northwest territories 1993
about 50 pecent of the people where made up of? indigenous people
canadas federal government is located in? quebec
what is the capital of quebec? ottawa
toronto ws first known as? york
who wanted to break away from the rest of canada seperatists