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Mr Spotts' Vocabulary Class Lesson Nine

andr- man, maile
anthrop- man, human being
aut- self
cryph- hide (something)
crypt- hidden, secret
gam- marriage
gram-, grammat- something written; small weight (only with numbers)
graph- write, record
gyn-, gynec- woman
helic- spiral
mon- single, one
onym-, oynmat-, onom-, onomat- name
pan-, pant- all, every
path- feeling, suffering
pher-, phor- carry, bear
phon- sound, voice
phos-, phot- light
poly- many
pseud- false
skept- look carefully at
the- a god
tox- archery bow; poison
a- (an- before vowel) not, without
ant-, anti- against, opposite
apo- away from
dys- bad, disordered
en-, em- in, into
ep-, epi- on, upon, after
eu- good, well, pleasant
syn-, sym-, syl-, sys- with
-etic characterized by
-in, -ine (indicates a chemical substance)
-ism belief in
-ize forms verbs from nouns
-oid having the form or appearance of
-tic characterized by
-osis state, process
Created by: kirstent