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Natural Selection

Natural Selection, Adaptations and Variations Vocabulary

taxonomy the science of classifying organisms
species a class of individual organisms that share common characteristics
population the total number of organisms in an area
dichotomous key tool used to identify different kinds of organisms or objects
physiology the function of an organimsm and the function of its parts
organism a form of life such as plants, animals, fungus, and bacteria
migration behavioral adaptation where animals move over long distance to survive
hibernation when animals go through a very low activity during the winter
plant bulb an enlarged, round of a plant between the roots and stem
natural selection organisms with better traits survive and those without, die
selective breeding intentionally breeding animals to get desired traits in the offspring
Galapagos Medium Ground Finch type of bird that found by Darwin that showed how animals are adapted for the food they eat
adverse unfavorable or against
variation a different form of something
viable something that is able to be used
observe to watch and see what happens
evolve to change over time to become better suited for an environment
function the job or purpose of something
investigate to look into and figure out what happened
structure how something is made or put together
Created by: mharlan