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Weather Climate Ch 1

Weather Climate 1

Earth's atmosphere is important to living things because _______ it provides all the gases that living things need to survive
the two most abundant gases in the atmosphere are _____________ nitrogen and oxygen
Air has pressure because __________ air has mass
Instruments used to measure air pressure are called ________ barometers
Water vapor is water in the form of a ___________ gas
The ozone layer in the stratosphere absorbs ______ ultraviolet radiation
Earth's _________________ is the thin envelop of gases that surround Earth atmosphere
Nitrogen oxides react with other air pollutants in the presence of sunlight to form ___________. photochemical smog
Because the atmosphere traps solar energy, water exists in ______ form on Earth for living things to use. liquid
The atmospheric gas called ______________ forms clouds when it condenses. water vapor
The weight of a column of air pushing on an object causes _____________. air pressure
A person becomes out of breath quickly on a mountaintop because there are fewer _______ molecules present per cubic meter of air. oxygen
Most air pollution comes from _____________. burning fossil fuels
The National Weather Service measures air pressure in units called _____. millibars
As you rise upwards in the atmosphere, air pressure ________. decreases
Earth's atmosphere contains about four times as much nitrogen as _______. oxygen
The layers of the atmosphere are classified according to changes in _____________. temperature
The density of a fixed volume of air increases as its mass _________. increases
The condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place is known as ____________________. weather
The name of the molecule that is made up of three oxygen atoms is ______. ozone
Harmful particles and gases in the air are known as _______________. pollutants
The __________ of air can be calculated if the mass and volume of air are known. density
Which layer does Earth's weather occur? troposphere
Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer? stratosphere
Know the names of the six layers of the atmosphere and where they are located (short answer) Remember the ionosphere and exosphere are located in the thermosphere
Describe three ways that the atmosphere helps living things survive on Earth. (Essay Question)
Describe the characteristics of the mesosphere and its role in protecting Earth from meteoroids. (Essay Question)
Created by: Karen Heisner