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Daily Def. 71-80

Mrs. Miller Daily Definitions 71-80

Metoerology The study of weather
Transpiration Water evaporating from the leaves of plants
Condensation Gas turning into a liquid (2nd step of water cycle).
Ozone Layer Layer of the atmosphere that absorbs harmfil ultra violet rays from the sun
Atmosphere Layer of air that protects the earth.
Precipitation Water falls back to earth (3rd step in the water cycle).
Air Mass Large body of air in the atmosphere that is moist over water, dried over land, and warmer near the equator.
Weather The state if the atmosphere at a certain time and place.
Convection Energy that is transferred when material flows.
Front Where 2 or more air masses meet.
Severe Weather Watch The conditions in the atmosphere are right, severe weather MIGHT from. Watch the sky for changes.
Radiation Energy that is transferred in rays or waves.
Hydrosphere All the water on the earth's surface.
Meteorologist Someone trained to study and predict the weather.
Severe Weather Warning Severe weater IS HERE, Take cover immediately.
Clouds Drops of water that condense and form together in the atmosphere.
Jet Stream Narrow band of strong winds that blow in the atmosphere.
Precipitation Water falling from the clouds (rain, snow, sleet, hail).
Evaporation Liquid turing to gas (1st step in the water cycle).
Climate The average weather over many years.
Conuction Energy tht is transferred when molecules bump into each other.
Lithosphere Hard surface of the earth made of the crust and mantle.
Air pressure Force of the air pushing down on the earth.
Humidity The amount of water vapor in the air.
Water Cycle The constant flow of water between the earth and the atmosphere.
Five Number of layers in the atmosphere
Created by: Christian Stepp