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Português- Verbos

semear to seed
variar to vary
aguar to water
proteger to protect
distribuir to distribute
criticar to criticize
consistir to consist
influir to influence
agradecer to thank
mediar to mediate
ferver to boil
congelar to freeze
albergar to shelter
reagir to react
temer to fear
brunir to polish
discutir to discuss
acostumar-se to get used to
adquirir to aquire
chamar-se to call
definir to determine
casar-se to marry
baixar-se to download
imprimir to print
meter-se to meddle
desincumbir-se to discharge
coincidir to match
chover to rain
corrigir to correct
dever to have to
queixar-se to complain
ferver to boil
guiar to guide
aumentar to increase
decidir-se to decide
habituar-se to become accustomed
duvidar to doubt
entreter to entertain
abandonar to abandon
magoar to hurt
incentivar to stimulate
apoiar to support
julgar to judge
perdoar to forgive
tomar emprestado(a) to borrow
perdar to lose
perdir to ask for
Created by: sarahwhite