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Latin - PART 2 from locus to vulnus

locus, -i, m place
lux, lucis f light
magis more
magnus, -a, -um great, big
maneo, manere (2), mansi, mansum to remain, stay
mare, maris n sea
matrona, -ae, f wife, middle aged lady
medicus, medici, m doctor
metus, metus m fear
miles, -itis, m soldier
miror, mirari, miratus to wonder at, admire
mors, mortis f death
mulier, mulieris f woman
narro, narrare (1) to tell, relate
nascor, nasci (3), natus sum to be born
ne …. quidem not even
neco, necare (1) to kill
nimis, too much
nolo, nolle, nolui to be unwilling, to refuse
nomen, -inis, n name
noster, nostra, nostrum our
nusquam, nowhere
occurro, occurrere (3), occurri, occursum (+dative) to meet
olim once upon a time, formerly
oppidum, -i, n town
oro, orare (1) to plead, pray to
paene almost
patior, pati (3), passus sum to suffer, endure
paulum a little, little
peritus, -a, -um skilled
perterritus, -a, -um terrified
pervenio, pervenire (4), perveni, perventum (ad + acc) to reach, arrive (at)
pes, pedis, m foot
peto, petere (3), petivi, petitum to seek, look for, make for
plurimus, -a, -um very much, very many, most
poenas dare to be punished
porto, portare (1) to carry
posco, poscere (3), poposci to ask for, demand
posterus, -a, -um following, next
postquam, after
postremo, finally
postridie, on the following day
postulo, postulare (1) to ask
praeclarus, -a, -um famous
praeter, except
praeter, + accusative except
princeps, -ipis, m emperor
procul, far
proficiscor, proficisci (3), profectus sum to set out
progredior, progredi (3), progressus to go forward , advance
promitto, -mittere (3), -misi, -missum to promise
puer, pueri, m boy
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful, handsome
quidam, quaedam, quoddam quiddam
quoniam, since
quot? how many?
reddo, reddere(3), reddidi, redditum give back, return
regina, -ae, f queen
res, rei, f thing, matter, affair, situation
rex, regis m king
rogo, rogare (1) to ask
rursus again
saluto, salutare (1) to greet
scelestus, -a, -um wicked
scio, scire (4), scivi scii, scitum
securus, -a, -um carefree, unconcerned
semper always
sequor, sequi (3), secutus sum to follow
soleo, solere (2), solitus sum to be accustomed
suavis, -is, -e sweet, delightful
suus, -a, -um
taberna, -ae, f shop
taceo, tacere (2), tacui, tacitum to be silent
talis, -is, -e such, of such a kind
tandem at last, at length
tempus, temporis n time
timor, timoris m fear
totus, -a, -um whole of
traho, trahere (3), traxi, tractum to drag
tristis, -is, -e sad
turba, -ae, f crowd
undique from all sides
urbs, urbis f city
uxor, -oris, f wife
vel … vel either ….. or …
ventus, -i m wind
veto, vetare (1), vetui, vetitum to forbid, tell not to
video, videre (2), vidi, visum to see
vinco, vincere (3), vici, victum to conquer, overcome
vir, viri, m man
vita, -ae, f life
vix, scarcely
volo, velle, volui to want
vulnus, vulneris n wound
Created by: Yannerz